Twin Pushchair


When Buying a Twin Buggy or a Twin Pushchair the side by side tend to be lighter than their tandem counterparts. They can be stacked in a hallway or hung up without bringing the wall down! They are easier to get up and down curbs because the weight is more evenly distributed, but harder to get in and out of shops as they are wider than the Tandem versions. The Tandem version is easier to get in and out of shops as they are slimmer, but they do not fit into many cars.

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Twin Pushchair

Twin Pushchairs are better known Twin Buggies or Buggies they are used to push children around when you are out taking a walk in the park, mall or on the streets. For many parents, you do not have to worry all the time when leaving the house, regarding who will watch over the children. The situation only gets worse when you get two bundles of joy at the same time. It does not have to translate into more worries for you as a parent; it only calls for better preparation.

When planning for twins, Twin Pushchairs or a Twin Buggy must also be part of your plan. This is because you are in search of a convenient mode of movement for both babies and hence purchasing separate prams may not work.

Some things to consider would be;

• The material from which the twin pushchairs are made from since heavier frames are harder to manoeuvre with in congested areas, and when one is tired.

• Prams that are made from more durable material will ensure that the babies are comfortable and the mother is not left exhausted; they should have wider wheels, a stronger clothe and provide a firm grip for the handler.

• Size of the pushchairs should consider the size of the babies to keep them from being cramped.

• Foldable buggies are advisable for regular bus usable since they are compact.

• Colours and designs are available to ensure you purchase a piece that adds beauty to your set of babies.

Purchasing your twin push chairs should not add to your list of worries. You can research from a large selection of baby shops and online stores that are available. This would enable you to compare prices and bargain for the best deals. Also, one is able to select stores with discounts and thus get a fair price or opt to purchase a used piece since it would be cheaper than purchasing a new twin pushchair.

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