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Phil And Teds Stroller

All of the Phil And Teds Stroller products undergo a rigorous testing programme and annually they conduct over 500 tests. It tends to keep them kind of busy! The Phil and Ted Range includes the Phil And Teds Sport and the popular Phil And Teds Double stroller. The Phil And Teds Explorer is also part of this fantastic collection.

They test for stuff like toxicity, environmental consideration, flammability, safety hazards, durability, functionality, usability, labelling and instructions on all of their products.

All this testing means that they meet requirements in all 50 countries worldwide in which they sell their products. They want to ensure peace of mind for all parents and that's why they also carry out on-going testing in the factory and field, as things can change and they don't want to miss anything.


Not a lot of people know that:

  • Their buggies are tested for 400kms/250 miles on variable terrain for 80 plus hours
  • Their traveller can cope with frame loading equivalent to 90kg/200lbs
  • A weight of 18kg/40lbs has been dropped into each of the metro and escape seats 49,900 times.   

We have included a short video for you which will give you an idea of what Phil And Teds Smart ideas are about