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Maclaren Stroller


The World Of babies has worked hard to get together this range of Maclaren Buggies and Strollers

Maclaren Stroller History

The founder of this stroller company was Owen Maclaren. He was born in Saffron Walden. He never dreamed of becoming a pram manufacturer; he was in fact a test pilot. He even helped to design the submarine Spitfire’s undercarriage before World War II. His interest in prams and strollers began when his daughter came from the US to visit. Maclaren had watched her struggle with a bulky pram and decided to do something about it. His model had to be sturdy and of course lightweight, and very safe. It was for his very own grandchild after all! Using his knowledge from his past work experiences, he went to work. He transformed two stables of his estate in, Northamptonshire, England, and created a workshop. For his prototype Owen used tubular aluminium for a light frame. The finished stroller weighed only 6 lb It was also able to fold with one hand, go down very compactly, and was easy to transport. Owen also used a blue and white striped pattern which is popular even today. On July 20, 1965, he walked into an English patent office and signed the application for his baby stroller it was the B01. Ever since that day, there have been Maclaren strollers. This company now caters to countries all over the world and has a variety of models to choose from. It boasts of high quality, manoeuvrability, and as always – the one handed fold.

The Maclaren Globetrotter Stroller is an all purpose, lightweight go fast buggy Suitable from 6mths to max. child weight: 15kg 5-point safety buckle and adjustable shoulder harness One-handed, multi-position reclining seat Removable washable seat Swivel wheels 5-second 1-hand fold Carry strap for easy portability

The Maclaren Techno xt Stroller is their flagship high tech buggy with superior comfort, performance style. Perfect for all those trips away, walking in the park or visiting the shops  Suitable from birth up to a maximum weight of 15kg  it has a sturdy, aeronautical-quality aluminium frame 4-position seat Lockable, front swivel wheels Ergonomically optimised, extendable handles Extendable hood with sun visor, viewing window and reflective accents for safety at night Extendable calf rest Chest pads and head hugger All-round suspension and linked brakes and carry handle . All in all a fantastic product at a fantastic price

The Maclaren Triump Stroller is Lightweight and compact, the Triumph is the all-purpose go fast mid price range buggy 

Maclaren Double Buggy is handy for transporting two babies at once



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