Icoo Stroller

If you're looking for the best stroller for your baby then an Icoo stroller should be your choice. Travelling with a baby can be such a hassle because of the many things that you have to bring along such as the baby bag, extra milk bottles, baby clothes amongst other things. This stroller has the room for all of it

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Icoo Stroller


Icoo strollers were designed and catered for those parents who want to make their travelling life a little easier. These strollers were made with amazing handling and are a comfortable ride for your baby. The ample area below the basket gives parents more space to put things and the height is adjustable which can be a plus point, rather than looking for a high seat for your baby while having a meal together.

A built in bunting bag, single handed recline function and an adjustable foot rest are also other features of an I'coo stroller. Manoeuvrability is the key to the Icoo Pluto 10 Lockable 360 degree front wheels handle any
corner and uneven road with ease. For the cost of these strollers they are feature packed. 


The Icoo Pluto 11 provides pure quality and functionality. The small buggy is flexible and super lightweight. Clear designs, high-class materials and expressive colours are special features: The hood can be opened by a zipper and prolonged and therefore provides your child with ideal sun and wind protection