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Britax Stroller

Britax: This is a name synonymous with Push Chairs and in car child safety systems. We have a range of Britax Strollers including the Britax B Smart and the Britax B Dual, both are top of the rage strollers for the UK market.


The Britax B Dual and the Britax B Mobile are just some of the range of strollers that we offer straight from top UK retailers and delivered direct to your door.
BRITAX: leading the way in child safety 
BRITAX can today look back on an exceptional success story, having taken pride in enhanced child travel safety for over 40 years.
BRITAX  RÖMER  was created in 1979, in a merger between the long-established British manufacturer BRITAX and its German counterpart RÖMER. Based in Andover, Hampshire, the BRITAX company was founded in the 1930's

Focussing initially on developments in areas such as adult seat belts and in the 1960’s launched the company's first child car seat.

The company expanded greatly in the 1980s and 1990s to countries including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and the Far East. 

RÖMER’s history was not dissimilar: likewise founded in 1971, specialised in the field of child safety (names RÖMER WINGARD at that time). Since then, this heritage-steeped brand has been an established name for young parents in Germany, with the company’s products being used in almost every household where there are babies or small children. 
Today, BRITAX (known as BRITAX RÖMER in continental European countries) is a globally operating company and a leading brand in the area of child safety. BRITAX’s portfolio covers a broad spectrum of products and systemic solutions – from children’s car seats and baby carriers, to children’s bicycle seats and prams, plus complete travel systems for maximised flexibility.
Since the 1970s, BRITAX has repeatedly come up with successful innovations which have influenced the entire market, setting new standards for the industry: such as the BRITAXISOFIX anchoring system, which was developed in 1997 in co-operation with VW, and has since become an international standard.
BRITAX also launched the first adjustable child seat, and the first ever baby carrier that was designed especially for newborn passengers. The company with the European headquarters in Ulm (Germany) holds a total of more than 30 patents and its products are repeatedly rated as excellent in tests. The most recent example of the company excelling in design and innovation is the D-SIP® technology – a special side impact protection feature for child seats and baby carriers.
With research revealing that one in four car accidents being a side impact collision, this really is an invaluable safety feature for children.
BRITAX is one of very few brands to own in-house crash-test systems in both the UK and Germany - the kind used in the automotive industry – which is yet another example of its commitment to providing optimum protection and safety for children often way above what the law requires.
This is one of many reasons that the brand has become a much appreciated partner of automobile clubs, government agencies and other transport-related institutions. This prestigious status is not least attributable to an unbeatable commitment to -2-qualitative excellence, which has always been at the heart of BRITAX’s corporate philosophy. The brand is also one of the few manufacturers in this market to meet the automotive industry’s stringent requirements – and this is thanks to its quality management system. Via on-going research and development, BRITAX regularly improves on the current quality standards, offering parents practical solutions for the everyday situations that they encounter. BRITAX is committed to creating fresh, innovative products and technologies designed to improve children’s travel safety and comfort, ensuring it maintains its leading position as a top-quality brand and as a trend setter in design and technology.