Tippitoes Pushchair

When it comes to choosing the right pushchair, due to the fact that there are such a variety of brands out there, it can become a bit of a headache trying to decide which one is the best one to suit your needs. So here at The World Of Babies we have put together this fantastic Tippitoes Pushchair collection to help you to find the right pushchair for your baby and your budget. Some of the main features one looks for in a stroller are weight, storage capability, sturdiness and price. One brand of Pushchair that ticks all these boxes is the Tippitoes Pushchair and we pride ourselves at having one of the best collections of Tippitoes Pushchairs online.

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Tippitoes Pushchair


The Tippitoes Eze Pushchair is lightweight. The most inconveniencing aspect of any Pushchair is getting them in and out of the car or storage area or having to carry them around after you have collapsed them down. The majority tend to be quite heavy and especially cumbersome for moms out on their own. Tippitoes Pushchair offset this by being so lightweight (they are about 5kg in weight) they can easily be carried in one hand.

Tippitoes Spark Pushchair is easily foldable. In a few quick movements you can get your Tippitoes Pushchair folded up making it about the size of an umbrella. This means that they can be easily stored in the car, corner of the house or for the more adventurous, can even be carried around as your child walks.

Despite being lightweight and easily foldable, one could easily be fooled into thinking that Tippitoes Pushchairs are flimsy and not sturdy enough, however, one would be wrong. Surprisingly enough, Tippitoes Pushchairs are quite robust.

In terms of value for money, you will be hard pressed to find any brand that can beat Tippitoes Pushchairs. They are amongst the cheapest pushchairs on the market. Evidence of this can easily be seen by comparing Tippitoes Pushchair prices against other brands on price comparison sites.

Other benefits of Tippitoes Pushchairs are that they can be easily steered, adjusted and they even have rain covers! So if you're interested in getting a stroller, do some research and I'm sure you too will come to the conclusion that Tippitoes Pushchairs are the best on the market.