Quinny Pushchair

The Quinny Pushchair is the perfect travel buddy for infants and toddlers alike featuring a one touch opening and closing feature with wheels widely set apart at the back and close together in front for easy handling along cramped corners or open spaces. They contain comfortable and snug pre-foamed cushions and provide for extra large seating needs.

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Quinny Pushchair


The Quinny Pushchair comes in many different models and styles. First on the line is the Quinny Buzz Pram style buggy preferred by many mothers. Commonly called the "City Stroller", the Buzz 3 and Buzz 4 are city styled, compact and flexible. Both models automatically unfold and easy to close with forward and rear facing seats, height adjustable handles and footrests giving comfort to both moms and babies. Also included are bug nets to free babies from insect bites, under the pushchair shopping baskets, sun canopies and rain shields. Quinny Buzz Pushchair is available in strawberry, gold, green apple and black colours.

Topping the list for perfectly designed pushchair are the Quinny Speedi which are not only compact but can stand the harshness of daily use. Their designs are ideal for parents who love to run or jog around town with their kids in tow. Besides being versatile and trendy, they also feature a 360 degree wheel that automatically locks in place.

For parents on the go and in need of a lightweight pushchair, The Quinny Zapp is an ideal choice. They have full–sized frames but come in extra small folds with travel carrying cases and living up to their name as the "smallest stroller in the world". Also featuring a 360 degree turn, they are handy and highly movable in small places. Zapp series come in various colour combinations to fit any style like cobalt blue, strawberry, light green, orange and black.

Quinny pushchairs also provide quilted and easy to wash footmuff for the infant to snuggle down and to keep warm and cosy while riding in cool weather. The Buzz series provides for a Buzz box to hold some baby things or store packages and also a cup holder attached to the comfort grip to hold drinks or baby's cup or bottle.

The Quinny Pushchair and Quinny Pram series are simply perfect for active families always on the go in fast paced city living.