Mountain Buggy Pushchair

The Mountain Buggy Pushchair was made in New Zealand in 1992. It was designed for heavy-duty outdoor use. This might include you taking your toddler for walks in it, maybe walking over rocky pathways, or strolling over beaches. The durability of this buggy, along with the high quality of materials with which it is made, are the top two reasons this buggy rates highly in popularity. It will see your child through its baby and toddler years.

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Mountain Buggy Pushchair


A much loved feature of the Mountain Buggy Duo is that most of them after adaptation can accommodate newborns. This feature is called the 'Carry Cot System'. It is sold separately as a bassinet with handles. This bassinet replaces the toddler seat in the buggy. This means that your baby can lie down flat, so that you are able to use the buggy to walk him or her. When you are home after strolling, you are able to lift the bassinet out of the buggy by using the handles, with minimum fuss, and without disturbing your baby.

There are a variety of different accessories available to you. These accessories are for the adaptation of your buggy. Make sure you check carefully which accessories come with the buggy and which ones don't as buying a pushchair is one of the bigger expenses for your baby and it needs to suit your needs and life style. Some of the accessories that are available are bedding for the buggy, extensions for its handlebars and you can also purchase attachable handbrakes, bumper bars, and car seat adaptors.

A single Mountain Buggy is likely to cost you in the region of £300 and above, and you would be looking at over £500 for a Mountain Buggy Double pushchair. Many of these pushchairs have been made to give you the versatility of what you need from an everyday pushchair and the ability to handle your buggy easily across a rough terrain. They are a really good investment if you are starting a family, or if you already have small children. It's so durable as mentioned before, it will likely last you and your child many years. If you spend a lot of time outdoors then you should consider the Mountain Buggy for ease of use and the ultimate in comfort for your child.

Mountain Buggy have also produced a buggy called the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Pushchair which has been designed to help you tackle the city streets.