Hauck Pushchair

Hauck has been making pushchairs since 1921. Their pushchairs are designed with you in mind, and of course, your child's safety and comfort. Hauck pushchairs come in different models and with special features to satisfy different needs and different conditions. For example, Hauck makes double pushchairs (Roadster Duo and Duett Twin). The Roadster Duo has a side by side design, while the Duett Twin has a tandem design. Hauck also makes the most compact and lightweight pushchairs on the market. The Hauck Capri weighs just 7.5kg and is one of the most compact pushchairs available anywhere. Some of the most popular models are the Hauck Eagle and the Hauck Infinity.

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Hauck Pushchair



The Hauck pushchair is highly portable and suitable for those long trips.

Hauck pushchairs are known for their small size and light weight. Imagine having to push a pushchair while carrying shopping bags. Hauck makes it easier to handle both the pushchair and those heavy bags. Even worse, have you ever tried to go up stairs with a heavy pushchair? Hauck pushchairs make going up stairs struggle-free.

Hauck provides a 5-point harness such as the Hauck Eagle Pushchair that will keep your child secure at all times, whether pushing or standing.

360 degree rotatable handles allow you to position yourself so that you can fit your child into the seat without undue exertion or strain.

Hauck pushchairs come in single, tandem, and side-by-side designs and are ergonomically designed for the comfort and safety of your child.


1. Hauck offers a number of accessories to enhance you and your child's experience,
2. The Rain Cover – For complete protection during bad weather.
3. The Turbo Front bar – Provides padded protection for your child.
4. A Colourful Parasols – Basic parasol and the deluxe parasol that easily attaches and removes with just one click.
5. Cup Holders – For your baby bottle
 and drinking bottles.
6. X-Stand – Allows easy fixing of baby car seats and tubs.
7. 2 in 1 carry cot that can be converted into a footmuff Cosy toe – For comfort and security regardless of the weather.