Pram Chassis

When you go to buy your first pram you will find that some come with a Pram chassis and some don't. You may even find that you want to buy the two things separately because you want full control over the colour and style of your babies pram and the chassis you decided to buy with it, giving you more choice. Things that you need to consider are where, when and how you will be using the pram, will you have to travel by public transport or car frequently or do you prefer to walk. Your choice of pram and Pram Chassis will depend on your answers to these questions. It will also depend on how active you are and what you intend to do with the pram, for example do you need to take it off road. These are all factors to look at when buying a pram chassis.

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Pram Chassis


Depending upon your usage you can select your type of pram chassis or Pushchair Chassis that best suits your needs.


Traditional Style

The first style is the traditional pram that has large sprung and flat fold chassis with the air tyres. This type of Chassis Prams comes with good suspension and has good shock absorbing ability. It is very comfy and spacious for the baby allowing him/her to easily turn, lie flat and even stretch and also comes with a carrycot.
The main disadvantage of this pram is its bulkiness as well as its costs as it is expensive.


Telescopic Style

The second style is the telescopic folding type of pram chassis that has large air tyres at the rear. It is more apt for the new babies and has feature like the enclosed carrycot. Also, you can change the sitting position of the baby to either be away from you or face you. You can also attach or detach pushchair from this unit.


Folding hood style

The third style of the pram chassis is the umbrella or hood folding types with pushchairs. This style is the most compact and the lightest of all the styles available. It works as a pram in reclining position and when upright as a pushchair. This type of pram is not suitable for the public transport and the long walks. Also though it is expensive, your baby may grow out of it very quickly.

You can always decide on the style of pram chassis that would be suitable for your baby's lifestyle and the one in which he/she would be most comfortable in.