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One of the first decisions you need to make is are you a parent who prefers a Tandem Double Stroller or a parent who prefers Double Strollers. Here at The World Of Babies we will try to help you determine the differences between the two and then help you to make the right choice for you and your new baby or new babies as the case may be. 

Well on our site we have nearly 50 to choose from and all of them are from top quality manufactures from around the world. Tandem strollers are strollers that have the seats arranged in a tandem fashion, just like a tandem bike, one at the front and one at the back. Having the stroller arranged in this fashion means that you do not have your babies side by side as a double stroller is arranged. This arrangement is great for travelling around in places that are not able to take wide loads, such as a double stroller would. That means shopping in supermarkets and shopping around the high street is easier than having a double much less fighting around the pavement for space. You will also find that the tandem strollers are much more manoeuvrable with most of them just having a single jockey wheel on the front. They also have less carrying room underneath baby than the double version If the width of your stroller is an issue for you then maybe you need to look at purchasing a tandem stroller.

The City Mini Double Stroller, as does the Maclaren Double Stroller offers the opportunity for your babies to see each other and react and interact to each other whilst you are out and about shopping of strolling around in the park. It is true they are wider than the tandem version but the double format allows you to have more space under the babies seat than the tandem version, allowing you to carry bulkier things than the tandem version.

All in all both products are great it just depends on your lifestyle as to which stroller you go for, if you like racing around town then we suggest the tandem for two babies, if you like carrying things with you when you have your babies then we suggest the double stroller.