Maternity Trousers

Here at The World Of Babies we have chosen a selection of Maternity Trousers for you to look at in the comfort of your own home. We are a one stop Website for maternity trousers and we pride ourselves in having one of the best collection online

Being pregnant should not deprive a woman the chance to look elegant, sexy in the course feel comfortable throughout her pregnancy and with the fluctuating changes in her figure as she goes through the nine months process this is why it is vitally important for her to choose the right maternity trousers.


Mamalicious Sammy Jersey Maternity Trousers, Grey Melange
Mamalicious Sammy Jersey Maternity Trousers, Grey Melange
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Maternity Trousers


Clothes have been used all over the world to help people to express their character and personality and these things do not leave you just because you are pregnant. Gone are the days of smothering your beautiful pregnancy bump with baggy track suit bottoms and huge sweatshirts as these days there are so many gorgeous maternity clothes to choose from. 

The thing that distinguishes maternity trousers from the more standard pairs are the waist's cut and fit and here are some tips in choosing a proper fit.

• On The Bump Front Waisted Band – has a low to middle of the waist band in the trouser front affording support to a medium bump
• On The Bump Full Waisted Band – a low to waist midst band encircling the waist entirely also for medium support bump which is a comfortable choice for it keeps the jeans positioned on the hips
• Over The Bump Mid Rise Belly Band – a slim and slight version of the
full over the bump fit with its elastic band rising above button of
one's belly
• Over The Band High Rise Belly Band – comes with a whole elastic bump band that comes up to just a little below the breast
• Under The Bump Elasticated – is positioned to fit nearly below the bump and usually comes with a drawstring that allows for pulling in
or out the strings in accordance to the size of the bump. Also provides
for added stretched side flaps that continues to stretch in the course
of the nine-month period
• Under The Bump Adjustable – also comes with a drawstring and it sits just below the bump and allows trousers to be pulled in or out


You will find in our Maternity Trousers collection there are many different type of fasteners, some have button, some zipfly and some even have back button adjusters to make sure that the trousers fit you comfortably throughout your pregnancy. 

Also in this collection you will find Maternity Work Trousers, with a choice of over then bump and under the bump styles and many casual styles which includes Maternity Combat Trousers for everyday wear. 

We have smart Black Maternity Trousers with double button and zip fly fastening. Ribbed sides for extra comfort and mock pockets with centre press. Our Maternity range also includes a Boot Cut, Linen Trousers, Skinny Trousers and Cropped Trousers ready for the summer. Whatever type of Maternity Trousers you are looking for, we are sure you will find something that suits your need.

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