Maternity T Shirts

One of the biggest adjustments a woman has to go through when she becomes pregnant is her wardrobe. With your bodies growing daily it can be difficult enough to find something to wear that fits, let alone worry about how fashionable you looks. Far to often pregnant women admit to wearing their husbands sweatshirts and jeans or find an old pair of jogging bottoms for comfort. Well maternity wear has come along way and not only can you find comfort but you can also find style and great maternity outfits for all you fashion conscious mums to be.

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Maternity T Shirts


Good thing that there are now plenty of shops specialising in maternity clothes – maternity shirts, Maternity Slogan T Shirts, dresses, leggings, pants and footwear. While it may be practical to not spend so much on maternity clothes as this phase in a woman's life only lasts for a few months, there are still things that only clothing specially designed for pregnant woman can provide.

Maternity shirts provide more comfort for woman as they take into consideration the following : fabric, design and shape of shirt, colour and design.


Most maternity t shirts are made of light cottony fabric. This is important because pregnant women feel twice as much warmth as an ordinary person and need clothing that's comfortable and cool.


While it makes sense to just purchase or choose to wear clothing designed for plus sized women, most of plus size clothes have designs that fit plus sized women. Meaning to say plus size clothing have adjustments made for all parts of the body whereas maternity t shirts have designs that make room for the women's swelling tummy but don't exactly inflate the sizes of other parts that may not need more room such as the chest area, the armhole and shoulder area and the arm length.


Colour and Design


Typically, maternity t shirts come in light pastel colours such as yellow, light blue and pink. They maintain the objective of keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. Bright patterns and designs are also not encouraged as they tend to make the pregnant woman look bigger than they really are. We also have a range of Funny Maternity T Shirts

So when choosing maternity outfits, take advantage of the fact that there are plenty of outfits that only pregnant women can successfully pull off! Enjoy!