Nursing Bras

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Nursing Bras


If you're planning to breast feed your baby, a nursing bra is one of the essential items. Designed to make feeding your baby a discreet and a comfortable activity, they allow easy access to the breast. Below we have some useful tips on buying a nursing bra.


Nursing bras usually open up for feeding in one of four ways:

1.     A front fastening between the two cups

2.     Zips which sit under each cup

3.     A fastening on the shoulder strap at the top of the cup which can releases to drop the cup down. Tip: Ensure the design reveals the whole breast and not just the nipple, as any fabric left pressing on the underside of the breast may cause blocked ducts

4.     Stretchy material which allows you to slip it over your head, rather like a sports bra, and to pull it open to feed

You may need at least two or three nursing bras. Because you are constantly producing milk, you’ll need to wash your bras frequently.Night time nursing bras are also available; they have all the design features of a nursing bra, but are lighter weight to wear; instead of the usual ways of opening for feeding, this type of bra might have a crossover front design so you can just slip your breast out.

Nursing bras come in many different styles, from plain to lacy, and in black, ivory or white and other colours  . They are sold in medium or firm support - firm support is more suitable for larger breasts. Sizing is the same as for ordinary bras. Because of the weight of your breasts, even small sizes need good support, but your bra shouldn’t feel restrictive or it may affect your milk production.  Look for High cotton content for comfort. Breasts often feel hot and cotton will help keep them cool

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