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The World Of Babies has put together this collection of TENS Machine to help you to find the right one to suit your needs. All of our TENS Machines are from top retailers and available at some of the best prices online.

For umpteen reasons some pain relief medication is not always appropriate to give whilst you are pregnant. there is however and alternative solution to the relief of pain and that is the use of a TENS machine during your pregnancy. These little machines deliver small amounts of electrical pulses to the body through little electrodes that are fitted to the body in the area of the pain. These impulses interfere with the normal impulses the brain produces and blocks the pain signals.




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Tens Machine


We at The World Of Babies believe that if you are happy then you baby will be happy, here we have a range of products to help that.

We have a range of Labour Tens Machine to help with the pain of labour


What Is A TENS Machine?


TENS stands for Trans cutaneous- Electrical- Nerve -Stimulation The machines are designed to give pain relief during labour and beyond. Labour pains may start with the first contraction or when the cervix starts to dilate, then it may increase progressively until the cervix is fully dilated. During this time you'll experience pain of different types and intensities but you'll be able to counter it with your new Maternity Tens Machine. Below is an video about TENS and Pregnancy Tens Machine


Research Shows


According to the (NCT) National Childbirth Trust, some women find TENS Maternity Machine helpful during the earlier stages of labour , but it will be less effective in established labour, and the NHS says Tens machines won't work at the pushing stage. However, there's nothing to stop you continuing to use your Tens Machine For Labour if you feel it's working, unless it interferes with any equipment being used to monitor your baby.



We hope you find this video about Maternity TENS Machine useful and informative