Pregnancy Support Pillow


The Soft and gentle support on your back that is provided with these pregnancy support pillows especially Dreamgenii, will help stop you from rolling on to your back during the night. When you roll onto your back it tends to restrict the blood flow to both you and your baby, and the legs supports provided are designed to take the pressure off your tummy area, and of course your back, it does this by lifting your legs whilst you are asleep


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 Pregnancy Support Pillow


As you would expect from our price comparison site we have a full range of Pregnancy Support Pillow and Support Pillow For Pregnancy including a rather unique and quirky range also.We have a range of Dreamgenii Pillow  (also known as Dream Genii) available to suit all needs and tastes

We have a range of pregnancy support pillows to suit all needs and requirments. We have pregnancy breastfeeding pillows and Pregnancy Support Pillows. We have the pregnancy support piloows in all kinds of designs, to suit all tastes, from one with polka dots on them to the arnge that look and feel soft to the touch.


We also have replacement covers for the whole range of pregancy support pillows, they are all washable and hard wearing ensuring that you get the most out of your pillow,


Dreamggenii Pregnancy Pillows


The Dreamgenii pregnancy support pillows are the most popular brand by far and have produced a very usefull video on how to use the dreamgenii pregnancy support pillow. By watching the video this will ensure that you get the most out of the product when you buy one.


Why buy one

The main idea for the pregancy support pillow is to provide support to the mum to be in the areas that she needs the Dreamgenii also known as Dream Genii offers gentle support for your tummy, back and knees without taking up most of the bed, allowing you and your partner to get a good nights rest


Check out the Dreamgenii Video which explains how to use this great product