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Isofix car seats are the way forward and the future of car seats in the UK. They have been designed because in the past parents parents have struggled to fit the normal car seats in to their vehicles successfully. The main issues with the normal child car seats is that all car seats are different and all seats in cars are different, and therefore it is difficult to get the child car seats to fit as it should into all makes and models of cars.

Isofix tackles that problem by standardising the fitting of child car seats in to cars. It is now an international standard and any Isofix car seat will fit into an Isofix car seat base. It is that popular that all new cars by law will have to have as standard an Isofix point fitted to the vehicle from 2014.

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Isofix Car Seat

Isofix is an international standard for car seats, it stands for "The International Standard for Fix" Basically its the international standard for fixing car seats into cars. As with all international standards its designed so that all isofix car seats will fit into the isofix car seat holder or base without the need to keep taking the base in and out again.
A growing number of new cars nowadays are being fitted with Isofix Child Car Seat points built into the seats already. However not all car manufacturers are taking up the fitting of these systems. There are new regulations in force this year, in fact from November this year all new types of cars manufactured must be fitted with the new Isofix system as standard. And further to this all new vehicles must be fitted with the Isofix system from November 2014.
The new Car Seat Isofix system was brought about because of the myriad of ways to fit a car seat, not all of them are safe however. With the Isofix system this standardises the way in which car seats are fitted to cars. Most none Isofix car seats are designed to be fitted using the current safety belt that is fitted to all vehicles. They are generally designed to use the lap strap part of the belt in order to secure them to the car. However the seating systems and shape of the car seats vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and it is difficult to get all cars seats to fit all vehicles correctly and safely. During a survey it was found that the majority of car seats had been fitted incorrectly to the vehicles posing potential safety problems in the vent of an accident.
With the invention of Isofix this tend to solve these problems as it is a standard fitting and all isofix car seats will fit all isofix points as they just plug in.