Car Seat Footmuff

Car Seat Footmuffs are linings that are fitted into baby seats for the purpose of keeping your baby's feet warm. The beauty of a Carseat Footmuff is that they are designed in a way that they easily fit into the different sizes of baby seats that are available in the market. You might be asking yourself, "Why should i purchase a set of these car seat footmuffs?" The reason for these footmuffs is that they protect the baby from being affected by cold temperatures while he or she is in the car.

Maxi Cosi Footmuff For Pebble Plus/pebble Car Seat-berry Pink (New 2015)
Maxi Cosi Footmuff For Pebble Plus/pebble Car Seat-berry Pink (New 2015)
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Car Seat Footmuff

Science has shown that the quickest way for cool temperatures to affect the body is if the feet are exposed. The logic behind this is that the blood vessels in the lower parts of the legs are wider than others. this means that their being exposed will result in the body losing heat faster. This would be especially bad for toddlers since no parent enjoys being cold and its difficult for babies to verbalise that they are cold and need more clothing. So if its cold outside and you are thinking of taking baby out in the car then the sensible thing to do would be to invest in a car seat footmuff for your baby.


Choosing a Carseat Footmuff

While choosing car seat footmuffs, it is important that the parent looks out for various factors. The lining needs to be smooth enough so as to protect baby's tender skin. The material that it has been constructed from is another important factor. It should not be one that traps or retains particles. Dust and dirt have the potential to give a baby respiratory infections or difficulties.


Installing A Car Seat Footmuff

A car seat footmuff should also be easy to instal on the car seat. This means that the harnesses it has need to be appropriately placed and also be of durable material so as to allow it to handle even the most energetic of babies without giving in.

When it comes to aesthetics, it will be prudent to purchase footmuffs that reflect the baby's gender and also match with the car' interior colour scheme. There are a myriad of colours and options to choose from in our range of carseat footmuffs section.

Our range of car seat footmuffs are from a variety of top UK retailers and are manufactured to the highest quality. the range includes car seat footmuffs from the likes of Jane and Maxi Cosi