Jane Car Seat

Jane car seats are well established and high quality Spanish originated car seats. With us you are assured of getting all information you need concerning the best car seats. Regarding the Jane car seat we give you quality at a cheap price to make sure you get value for your money.

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Jane Car Seat


Jane car seat has different brands namely, Jane Matrix Car Seat, Jane Exo, Jane matrix light, Jane matrix cup, Jane Strata Car Seat, and Jane Montecarlo plus.

Jane Matrix Light Car Seat

is some how lighter in comparison to matrix cup; moreover, it has more space inside giving room for overnight resting and sleeping when used together with a mattress. When on a long journey Jane matrix light car seat is good for birth.

Jane Exo car seat is a common car seat appropriate for kids who range between 9 months and 4 years. These seats have advanced forewarning system which alerts you incase of incorrect fittings. The seat is available in different types of colors.
The next group of Jane car seat is a Jane stratum which is explicitly designed to provide maximum comfort while at the same time providing safety for the baby. Jane strata seat is fitted using common seat belts for cars. The seat is also used with Jane pushchair making it form a part of travel system.

Jane car seat matrix cup is a type of Jane car seat that is also used like a lie-flat baby carrycot. Jane matrix cup car seat is award winning and is often used with pushchairs in conjunction with a pro-fix system. The seat is recommended to a child from time of bath to 13 kilograms. The matrix cup seat has features which include safety harness and four lie-back positions.

In conclusion


We have the Jane Montecarlo plus type of car seat which has been designed in adaptation with all the child's growth stages. The system of this type of seat has a plus version making it easier when fitting the seat and at the same time offering safety benefits. The seat best suits kids ranging from 15k to 36kg. The components of this seat include ergonomic design and a fine-tuning system.