Hauck Car Seat

Whilst travelling children need maximum comfort but most of all maximum security. Here at The World Of babies we pride ourselves on being able to bring you this fantastic Hauck Car Seat collection. We are the number one site for the Hauck car seat and hope that we can help you to find the perfect car seat for you and your baby.

Hauck car seats have been providing painless drives to babies over decade. It has an ergonomically shaped handle and is very light in weight; this makes it an ideal companion for you while travelling. It has centrally adjustable three-point padding in the seatbelt and can fit easily in most of the cars. Newborn babies require high protection on head from jerks that take place while travelling. The additional insert for head protection facilitates the babies to have a relaxed ride on a soft padded headrest. These inserts can be removed later when the baby grows.

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Hauck Car Seat


It has very slender body, shiny surface and sturdy frame that provide it with the best looks as well as give high support impact. Hauck car seats are very versatile as they can be used in combination with easy fix Capris and Manhattans. This provides easy transformation of these seats into shopping & driving system. It can be used for newborn babies and infants weighing until 13 kilogrammes. You can harness them easy as well as use them as carry cots. They have layers of cloth lining in them, which you can change as per your needs. A couple of the most popular in the range are the Hauck Infinity Car Seat and the Hauck Condor Car Seat

If you are parent to a newborn baby and you wish to have a memorable experience of first drive with your baby there can be nothing better than Hauck car seats for you. It is an assurance that your baby will not cry due to discomfort in these seats. They are very cosy and specially designed keeping in mind various body needs of children. These seats are available in large varieties abundantly and you can look for the one that meets your criteria of necessity. It is very affordable and a promising product. It is not just seat what you purchase here rather you purchase a complete package of shop and travel kit.