Concord Car Seat

Safety is the utmost priority when it comes to travelling with your baby. Efficient and comfortable travel systems by Concord deliver maximum safety with seating comfort. Whether you are travelling by car or taking your baby for a walk and even if you are just relaxing with your baby in home the products by Concord are designed to provide comfort and soothing effect to your baby. In case of car seats for child, manufacturers and production unit of Concord never compromises. Exceptional designs are made with smooth and sleek finishing along with blend of supreme quality. The Concord Baby Car Seat is perfect for small babies and older children as they are manufactured with the right balance of age, height and weight. The World Of Babies is happy to be able to show you one of the best collections of the Concord Baby Car Seat Online and our job is to help you find the right car seat for you and your baby and at the best price available. 

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Concord Car Seat


What models are available


There are plenty of seat models available at Concord warehouse. For children below 2 years there are three options Concord Ultimax Car Seat with Isofix, Absorber XT and Transformer T pro. All these three seats have their own specifications. The catalog of Concord starts with version named AIR it supports up to 13 kg weight and kids below 18 months. Next seat is Intensefollowed by Transformer click and Transformer T. The most enlarged and comfortable seat of all is Transformer XT. Accessories like thermal insert, infant insert, sleeping bag, rain cover, fastening belts and neck roll acts as the supportable with the car seat.


The task of these utilities is to ensure the complete safety of children. Apart from driving, these seats by concord are also available in form of Buggy's and carrycot. Key to safety is selection of appropriate car seat. You should choose the Concord car seat depending on the calculation of approximate age and Child's weight. As the category for seats is divided in form of groups based on the age. Weight is the crucial factor in determining that particular seat is safe for child or not. These seats acts as precautionary measure for avoiding incidents while travelling.