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Breastfeeding Tips And Advice

Find a range of Breastfeeding Tips And Advice here at Written by mums or other professionals to help you while nursing your baby. 

  • Breastfeeding Support Pillow

    01 May 2014

    Breastfeeding Support Pillow
    Breast milk is essential for your baby and breastfeeding beneficial for the mother and baby. It is also during this time that a mother and baby can develop a special bond… Read More
  • An Introduction To Breastfeeding

    08 March 2012


    An Introduction to Breast Feeding

    Latest statistics tell us that nearly 80% of all first time mothers give breast feeding a go. Of this percentage approximately 35% are still breast feeding when their child is 6 months old and down to 17% when the child is 1 year old. Breastfeeding can… Read More

  • The Breastfeeding Fact Page: What All Moms Should Know

    01 March 2012


    The Breastfeeding Fact Page: What All Moms Should Know


    You've probably heard about it. Lots of claims have been made and published about the tremendous benefits that breastfeeding give to both mother and child. If you're an expectant mom or know one, I suggest you read further in order to discover the facts about this wonderful baby feeding… Read More




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