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Baby Shower Ideas

Find some great baby shower ideas and tips here at All written by parents or professionals to help parents or baby shower planners to put on the perfect shower for baby.  

  • Top 9 Toys And Gifts For A Baby Shower

    03 April 2013

    Top 9 Toys And Gifts For A Baby Shower



    Your best friend is about to have a baby and you know that the baby shower is going to happen soon. So better prepare yourself early instead of rushing for gifts at the last second. Here are a few gift ideas we know parents need when the baby is on its way (In no specific order)


    Baby Carrier (Front)

    Carrying your baby can become… Read More

  • Planning A Baby Shower

    16 October 2012

    Planning A Baby Shower

    Planning a Baby shower for a friend or a relative is a very special thing to do for them and can be very exciting. The only problem is you may also feel a huge responsibility as the future parents are only going to have one shower for this… Read More

  • Baby Showers Around the World

    05 October 2012

    Baby Showers Around the World



    A baby shower is commonly known as a celebration of an incoming birth. Traditionally, it had been a gathering of women, to give child-rearing tools and give advice and tips to first-time mother. Although also traditionally, they were meant only for the eldest offspring, it is becoming more and more common for a baby shower to be applicable to babies in whatever order. It is only in more recent… Read More

  • How to Plan a Baby Shower

    31 March 2012

    How to Plan a Baby Shower


    A baby shower is often thought of as an American tradition, but there are many other countries that have similar celebrations. The purpose of a baby shower is to shower the baby, or more accurately the mother, with gifts to prepare her for the new arrival.

    Of course, a baby shower needn't be… Read More




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