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Baby Safety Advice

Find a range of Baby Safety Advice here at All written by parents or professionals to help you keep your baby safe.

  • Christmas Tree Lights

    09 November 2011

    Christmas Tree Lights Safety.

    Its that time of year now when we are all thinking of putting up our Christmas tree and its lights and decorating the house with lights and tinsel.

    What we are asking all parents to do is to check the lights to make sure that there is no damage done to them whilst in the loft or garage.

    Whilst in storage in the lost they… Read More

  • Car Safety For Babies

    13 July 2013

    Car Safety for Babies


    It's an overwhelming feeling having a new baby. The desire to protect and nurture your little bundle becomes your priority.

    It is important to remember that accidents and incidents in which babies are harmed are unlikely, and to keep your worries in perspective. However it is also important that you take steps to minimise risk in certain circumstances and follow the UK's… Read More

  • Pets and Babies: A Good Mix?

    08 June 2013

    Pets and Babies: A Good Mix?

    There is no doubt that pets are popular. The ASPCA reports that about 62 percent of all American households own at least one pet. The bulk of these pets are cats and dogs, but exotic pets such as birds, reptiles… Read More

  • Which Baby Monitor Should I Buy?

    14 October 2012

    Which Baby Monitor Should I Buy?


    When your little bundle of joy arrives into the world your maternal instinct kicks in and all you want to do is protect that little human being with every bone in your body and you will do everything within your power to keep them safe, sound and happy. The place where your new baby will feel the safest is being right next to you all snuggled up in your arm or being carried right next to you in a baby carrier or baby sling where they can feel the warmth of your body and smell the familiar scent of you their mum, this is totally understand as they have been right next to you for… Read More

  • Firework Safety Advice

    13 October 2012

    Firework Safety Advice



    Its that time of year again when fireworks are about in abundance. As we all know there is a real and present danger with fireworks, as they are to all intense and purposes explosives. We all get told every year how dangerous they are and yet still nearly 1000 annually get injured by them, some seriously

    Small children should never be allowed any where near fireworks, and no child under the age of 5 should be allowed to play or handle a sparkler. You should never hold a baby in your arms… Read More

  • Dangers Of Christmas Decorations

    13 October 2012

    Dangers Of Christmas Decorations


    We all know that the sale of toys are governed by lots of regulations to stop children from coming to any harm through choking and bits falling of them.

    But give a thought this Xmas to Christmas Novelties and Christmas Decorations they are not covered by such regulations. These days… Read More

  • The Dangers Of Nappy Sacks

    13 October 2012

    The Dangers Of Nappy Sacks


    Nappy Sacks

    These are used to dispose of dirty and soiled nappies, but how many of you are aware of the risks they can pose to babies and children. RoSPA are aware of over 12 deaths involving young children over the last 10 years… Read More

  • How to Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

    12 May 2012

    How to Keep Your Family Safe This Summer


    Summer is a time of fun outdoors and in, where you and your family will be looking to have a good time until the sun goes down. Whether you love taking day trips to the beach, or you'd rather lay on a blanket in your own backyard, summer is also the time of year when the most accidents are reported. There are a number of reasons as to why this happens, but rest assured that by taking these steps you're more likely to keep your family safe from any harm that could befall… Read More

  • A Brief Guide to Play Sand

    24 April 2012


    A Brief Guide to Play Sand

    Play sand is artificial sand that is created specifically to be used in children's sandboxes and play areas. It resembles beach sand but feels softer. It lets kids play as they would on the beach without having to deal with wind, rain and cold weather.

    How Play Sand Is MadeRead More

  • Safe Food Handling For Babies

    20 April 2012


    Safe Food Handling For Babies
    Read More



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