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Find a range of Baby Health Advice here at All written by Parents or professionals to help keep you to keep your baby healthy. 

  • Coping With Talipes

    12 February 2012


    Coping with Talipes
    How it Feels When your Baby is Born with Club Feet

    What is it like to have a baby born with talipes? Becky shares her story.

    Read More

  • How To Stop Your Child From Choking

    03 February 2012

    How to stop your child from choking


    Did you know that each day of the week about 50 under 5s are taken to hospital because of choking on something, or they have swallowed something they shouldn't. Most of the time it's a piece of food, but more often than not it's a small… Read More

  • Toe Hair Tourniquet Syndrome

    01 February 2012


    Toe Hair Tourniquet Syndrome


    Mothers need to be vigilant and made aware of a condition called Toe Hair Tourniquet Syndrome. In a case today in the USA a newborn baby nearly lost a toe.


    The hair loss that many women have after giving birth is common and known as "telogen… Read More




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