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  • Naming Your Baby after the Olympic Values

    10 August 2012

    Naming Your Baby after the Olympic Values


    In total there are 7 Olympic and Paralympic values which have been named for the London 2012 games. I am now going to focus on the Olympic values, which are ones that are believed to be paramount to the spirit and meaning of the games. Although you may not want to use the actual English words of the values, you may want to choose to find their meaning in another language or use them as a basis for a name. I have given some examples of each of these below.


    Respect is a lovely word that conjures up many positive images and ideas for me. In Latin the translation of this name is Veneratio, it means reverence and respect. There are other translations in Latin, Reverentia leans more towards fear and respect, whereas Observantia is about paying respect and attention. However in Greek (linking back to the origins of the games) you could choose a beautiful name like Sevome, this is a unisex name that means 'to respect'. With a name that is based on such fantastic and positive origins where can you go wrong? This value is based on fair play; so you may want to use the name Fair, or Fai (could alternatively be spelt Faye or Fay). This value is also about knowing your limitations so you could choose the name Lim.


    Excellence is the next Olympic value. You could shorten the name to Celle which would make a lovely feminine name. If you translate this to Latin then the name could be Excellentia, this could be shortened down to Tia, a beautiful girls name, or Lentia. Other translations of the name in Latin would be Virtus, Praestantia (Rae), or Prestantia, this could become Preston, Eximietate, which could become Mia or taking the beginning of the word becoming Lexi. Arete is a fantastic Greek translation of the word excellence. There are so many options to provide your baby with a name that is based on a promising value.


    The next value is one that I image every parent wants their child to have, friendship, despite any differences. This is an Olympic value, when translated into Latin the name becomes Amicitia, this could be shortened down to Ami or Citia, Amicus is another word for friendship which would make a lovely masculine name. Comitus takes on a meaning of 'friendly' in Latin, this could be shortened down to Comi, or Comet. In Greek the word for friend is Eros, also the name of the Greek God of love, this could make a fantastic boy's name. You could also choose the alternative word for friendship which is Philia, you could shorten this to Phil, Philippa or Pippa. You could also change it to Lia or Lea. Choosing a name that has roots in the word for friendship should set your child in good stead for the future.

    Whatever you decide to name your baby it needs to be a name that is special to you, your family or to something you believe in. If you give a child a name that means something to you then I believe it shows the child how much they mean to you. I am lucky to have been given a name that I treasure and will pass onto my children, it was given as a middle name; this is a good alternative to choosing a more original name for your child's first name. This can seem a bit daunting, so instead you can give it as a middle name. This is a year of great celebration for Britain and choosing a name that links historically and emotionally to what is going on in the country could be a fantastic name for any child born in 2012.


    This article has been written by Anna from who is embracing the Olympic Games. What are you going to do to celebrate?


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