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Baby Shower Ideas

  • How to Plan a Baby Shower

    31 March 2012

    How to Plan a Baby Shower


    A baby shower is often thought of as an American tradition, but there are many other countries that have similar celebrations. The purpose of a baby shower is to shower the baby, or more accurately the mother, with gifts to prepare her for the new arrival.

    Of course, a baby shower needn't be just for pregnant mums, as adopting parents, male or female, can have one as well. It's usually a friend of family member that arranges a baby shower, as this avoids any awkwardness of the parents asking their nearest and dearest for gifts.

    If you're organising a baby shower for someone, or you're just looking for some ideas to help a baby shower go that little more smoothly, read on!

    Preparing a baby shower: Like any party planning, a baby shower requires preparation to help it run smoothly. Firstly, think about your budget. Baby showers are traditionally held at home with good reason. Not only does a home-based baby shower give a friendlier atmosphere, hiring a private place can incur large costs. When you hold the baby shower is also important. Aim for around a month or so before the baby's due date, and give guests plenty of notice. There might even be more than one baby shower being held for the parent, so some coordination will be needed by discussing it with them.

    Baby shower cakes: Although a baby shower has a functional purpose, it is still a great chance to have a party, and party means cake! This is a chance to let your baking creativity shine, making cakes and sweets with a baby theme is great fun. You can make small, bite size cakes that spell out the baby's name (if it's been decided, of course!), or spell out the word 'B-A-B-Y'. You can also make cakes in the shape of rattles, teddy bears or cots. However, making a cake in the shape of a baby is not always a good idea, as your guests are usually reticent to cut it.

    Games for baby showers: The core of any baby shower is the playing of games. This helps to keep up the fun as people discuss with mum what to expect and their own experiences. Most games that are played are activity games, which help to let guests who don't know each other very well break the ice. While I say, 'activity games', if mum-to-be is heavily pregnant, you don't necessarily want to be playing Twister. It is about her, after all. An ideal game is 'Who Am I?' - the game where you put a Post-It note with a name on your forehead for someone to guess - can be given a baby theme.

    These three basic tips should help to devise a brilliant baby shower that's fun, without breaking the bank!


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