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    09 November 2011

    Christmas Tree Lights Safety.

    Its that time of year now when we are all thinking of putting up our Christmas tree and its lights and decorating the house with lights and tinsel.

    What we are asking all parents to do is to check the lights to make sure that there is no damage done to them whilst in the loft or garage.

    Whilst in storage in the lost they could be subject to rodent damage, mice are know to eat the insulation off the cables, in fact some cables they find quite tasty. If you put up your lights without checking them, and mice have eaten into the insulation on the lighting then you are putting yourself and your family in danger. Particularly if the lights are 240V, there is a real danger of electric shock or fire.

    So here are the top 5 tips for putting your lights up this Christmas

    1. Check the cables on all mains voltage light every year.
    2. If possible buy low voltage lighting to eliminate any risk of electric shock.
    3. If you are using outdoor lights make sure that they have the appropriate IP rating.
    4. Try to make sure that if you use mains voltage lighting indoors or outdoors that you have and use a 30ma RCD plug unit or make sure you have one on your consumer unit. If in doubt contact an NICEIC registered Electrician and ask for advice.
    5. If running extension leads make sure that they do not run under carpets, this can lead to fires.
    6. Never allow children to play with lights.
    7. Last but not least always switch them off at night ensuring the if you use low voltage lighting that the transformer is removed from the  socket completely as they have been know to catch fire during the night.

    Following these simple rules will ensure that you have a happy Christmas. If you check out our store you will find that we have a large range of Baby Safety Products for you to look at. Our Baby safety Equipment range is brought to you via a number of top retailers, and all at competitive prices.

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