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  • Buying A Second Hand Car Seat

    15 February 2012


    Buying A Second Hand Child Car Seat


    We are all well aware of the current economic climate at the moment. Whenever we all go out shopping we are looking for bargains all the time, we are looking to get as much as possible for as little money as possible.

    The same is true when buying for your family or indeed your baby. So, is it OK to purchase a cheap second hand Child Car Seat. After all if it looks good and is clean and tidy and no obvious knock or dents and the upholstery is clean and tidy, then it's a bargain, right.

    At the time when you buy the second hand car seat you may think you have bought yourself a bargain, and you have managed to save yourself some useful pounds, and probably paid about £15 for it in a car boot sale. Ask yourself this question, has it been in an accident in the past. Looking at it, the child car seat looks in good condition, does not look as though it's been damaged at all. But if the Rear Facing Child Car Seat has been in an accident then you would almost certainly not know about it. Do you know how old the child car seat is, do you know what its history is. If it had been in an accident will the seller let you know about it. Further to this there is also no way of knowing if the car seat that you have bough has all the right parts, does it have all of the original parts that were on it when it was manufactured. 

    When we buy second hand goods one of the most important things tend to be missing and that is the instructions. This is a vital piece of paper that will tell you how the child car seat is to be fitted to your vehicle. it is estimated that two thirds of all car seats fitted to cars currently have been fitted incorrectly and that's when people do have the instructions leaflet to hand

    We are all aware that from time to time products of all descriptions get recalled for one reason or another, it could be a problem with a missing part or a faulty this or a faulty that. If you buy a second hand child car seat then unless you go through the proper channels and check you have no way of knowing whether the second hand child car seat that you have bough has been the subject of a manufacturer recall.

    Our recommendation is to buy a new car child car seats it is without doubt the only option for your child's safety, unless of course you know the history of the car seat especially when buying from a friend or relative.



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