Baby Baths

Definitely without doubt the one of the most daunting parts of being a new mum or dad is bathing your baby for the very first time and choosing the right baby bath can help make the task a little easier. Even when you may have been taken through the elementary actions in the hospital or by your health care service provider, the very first few times you bath your baby is usually a little bit overwhelming. To overcome this, knowing just what you need to do and knowing all the baby items you will need to have around you to bath your baby at bath time can go a long way. We think having a checklist would help build your self-confidence and before you know it, baby bath time will grow to be a fun time for both you and your baby, which is exactly how it should be.



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Baby Baths

Bath Time Guidelines for New Babies

There are a huge range of baby baths on the market these days and having the right Baby Bath Tub could be very handy for bathing your infant. You will need to fill your baby bath with a few inches of warm water, it is very important to check the temperature of the water as what may feel okay to you can be far to hot for you baby, it is advised to check the temperature with a proper bath thermometer but you can use your elbow as the skin on your elbow is more sensitive to the heat as is your babies skin. The water should never be too deep so that it will be easy to keep the baby’s head above the water. To help stop your baby from slipping in the bath you may want to put a small towel or flannel on the bottom of the babies bath and then sit your baby on it, this is a great way to stop your baby sliding around in the bath as babies have a tendency to be rather slippery little things when wet.

For full details and a training video please visit our page dedicated to providing you with information on bathing baby and if you have any questions please leave a comment at the bottom of the page. 


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