Steiff Teddy Bears

Steiff Teddy Bears are reported to be one of the earliest teddy bears to be made way back in 1902. The Name Steiff is now synonymous with Quality Teddy Bears.

Here at The World Of Babies we have a huge choice in our Steiff Teddy Bear range. We are proud to be able to bring you this collection of Steiff Bears so that you can brows through at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home. We hope that by doing the hard work for you and bringing these gorgeous Steiff Bears together in one place we have made it a little easier for you to be able to find the perfect teddy bear. We understand that going through this collection of Steiff teddy bears it is going to take a little while but we also believe that finding the right Steiff Teddy Bear is important. When you find the right Steiff Teddy Bear it is something that is going to be with you, your little one or in your family for many years to come and then maybe even passed onto your grandchildren.


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Steiff Teddy Bears


You can always tell Steiff Teddy Bears as they all have a distinct button on the inside of the ear. Way back in 1907 Steiff  Bears were manufacturing around 1,000,000 Teddy Bears each year, they had become an amazingly popular toy. They have become the most sort after teddy bear in the world selling not only to the rich and famous but now to the ordinary man in the street. In our collection the prices start from around £10.00 for your normal gorgeous cuddly teddy bear and go to around £3,000 for the collectable bears. One thing we are sure of is that here at The World Of Babies you will find a Stieff teddy bear to suit your needs and your budget.

Steiff not only have Steiff Teddy Bears For Sale but they also manufacture a whole range of soft animals, most have movable limbs which is a trademark for Steiff.

Many of the Steiff bears are limited edition pieces and as such are very sought after and later on in year to come many of them become Collectable Teddy Bears