Here at The World Of Babies we have a fantastic sandbox range for you to view, we also have within our collection a variety of sandpits. You will find that allot of the sandboxes or sandpits now come with lids as this makes it easier to keeps the play sand clean when not in use. We have a selection of plastic sandpits and sandboxes which are easier to clean out at the end of the summer and also you will find sandpits that are shallow boxes or wide containers that you can sit on top of or dig into the ground. Sandboxes are usually kept in the backyard of the house to serve as an outdoor activity or play area for kids. Kids can dig the play sand with tools likes shovels, utensils and any toys or tools of their choice, water the sand, pour and then mould it into buckets or hollow toy moulds or even shape it using their imagination and creativity. 

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Playing in the Sandpit helps a child in emotional, social and language development as well as to develop their motor skills. They develop communication skills as they talk about what they are making, how they are playing and doing various activities. Thus sandpits help children in their overall development and to turn creative and innovative. Sandpits and Sandboxes come in all shapes and sizes and the most popular are the Plastic Sandbox and the Wooden Sandpit, if you buy a Sandpit With Lid, you are able to store the sandbox outdoors over winter, making life a little easier.

Sandpits are available in different sizes and made up of different material like wood or plastic. One can choose according to needs of the children. They vary in price and models. Sandpit toys like boats, castles etc. are also available with sandpits. Choosing a paticular kind of sand for the sandpit is important as it must be a play sand and clean. Coloured sand is also available in the market.

Care of the sandpit is very important. Leaves, twigs or other rubbish must be removed on regular basis. It should be usually covered with wire mesh and permeable covers as they allow the sand to be aerated regularly. One must keep the sandpit sanitised and hygienic, especially during rainy season as it can lead to growth of germs and bacteria. Proper drainage system at the bottom of the sandpit ensures that water does not get blocked. One must disinfect the sandpit periodically by emptying the sandpit and cleaning it with detergent or bleach. After the box has dried up completely and sand has been cleaned, it can be filled again.