Junior Trampoline

Here at The World Of Babies we have put together this junior trampoline range to help you to find the right trampoline for your toddler and at the very best price available online.

Buying toys and outdoor play equipment for children for the first time can be scary to say the least. A lot of questions come to mind and sometimes the answers are not close to hand. Parents who are new to shopping for their children usually have several concerns about the product, the service warranty and the age factor. Some manufacturers list detailed information about the product and what age group it would benefit most. The junior trampoline is just the right size for toddlers and preschoolers. It can be placed in the centre of the garden or on a sandy surface which can serve as a cushion if the child happens to fall off.

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Junior Trampoline


The Junior Trampoline should have padded edges around the frames, soft easy to grip handles, and a low net surface that is not too far off the ground. After all, the idea is for the child to be safe while having fun. Children can bounce their way into being happier and healthier. Using the Junior Trampoline is an excellent source of exercise for all. It stimulates the flow of blood, energises the body and strengthens the muscles in the legs and arms. It also helps with balance and coordination. These two areas are what most kids have the hardest time focusing on. We have a Pink Junior Trampoline for the girls as well as having a Junior Trampoline With Handle which are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

A junior trampoline is the perfect toy and activity for birthday parties and children's social gatherings. Giving a toddler a Junior Trampoline for a birthday present will help him or her exercise and develop into a health conscious child. It can also help to build inner strength and self confidence. Using the Junior Trampoline can also help reduce anger and stress in children as it can be used to help to burn off any frustration. This is a great tool for the entire family. Do not just get one for the baby get one for the entire family, you never know you might enjoy it.