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Door Bouncer


These are a fantastic way to keep you child active and entertained throughout the day, many of them have rattles and things to prod and pull, to help with there motor skills. There are also a couple of models that have inflatable bumpers to help keep baby safe whilst bouncing around in the Baby Door Bouncer.

We feel its a great way to give your baby some exercise bouncing around whilst also giving you the opportunity to do other things, clearly the baby cannot be left un supervised but it does allow you do something else, freeing up your hands whilst baby bounces around and exercising their legs in their Door Bouncer For Babies.

Using this product also means that you are not taking up as much room in your house compared to other baby bouncers products. The doorway bouncers have been around for years and are tried and tested way of keep baby entertained.

If your baby can hold its own head up, or generally over 3 months old, then your baby can play in the Doorway Bouncer.