Baby Car Toys

Here at The World Of Babies we have a range of baby car toys for you to view, they have all been brought to you via top high street retailers and online retailers so that you can view the products all in one place. Our baby car toys include all you need to keep baby happy and occupied whilst your are travelling in your car. We all know what it can be like if your child or baby gets bored on a long journey, so we have gathered together some products that will help you to keep your baby content and engaged during any car journey you have to take throughout your busy day.


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Baby Car Toys

Here At The World Of Babies we have put together a collection of Car Toys For Toddlers to try to help you find something to make those car journeys with your little one a little easier for both you and your baby.  

Car Seat Toys For Toddlers are a great way of keeping your little one engaged and entertained while you are out and about on the road and you busy driving so don't have the time to play with your baby.

Baby Toys For Car Journeys are designed to help keep your baby busy and happy while travelling in the car. Lots of the car toys you will find on the market these days attach to the head rest of the actual car seat and can be used for both forward and rear facing car seats, but it is important that you check this before you buy as some are only designed for one or the other. They all tend to be bright and colourful which helps to hold your babies attention while you are busy driving but you will find that some of the car toys do more than the others.

The Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Toy not only has has a safety mirror for your baby to look at themselves, and we all know how much babies love looking a themselves in mirrors, it also has a section for the baby to kick. As the baby kicks on the seat it activates the lights and this will encourage and help your baby to develop their motor skills.