Fire Guards

Fire Guards For Children also Fire Guards For Babies are a necessity in a home with a fire, whether gas, electrical or a traditional wood burner. There are different types of baby fire guards available and each of these have different pros and cons. There are a number of factors to consider before going out to buy one and here are just a few of them to consider.

Your Budget for the Guards

As there are many different places that sell baby fire guards and a number of different styles, your budget will need to be considered. Take the time to figure out just how much you can spend on the items as this will help determine where you need to shop and the styles that you may be limited to. Remember that each fire guard will need to pass certain safety aspects so having to opt for a cheaper option is not always a disadvantage.

The Size of the Guard

You will also need to think about the size that you need for the baby fire guards. A lot of this is due to the size of your fireplace and any additions that you have. For example, a large marble mantelpiece will require a longer fire guard so that it fits around it perfectly; however, if you have a small wood burner, you will be able to purchase a smaller design.

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Fire Guards


Where You Buy From

It is usually best to look before you buy when it comes to baby fire guards. This will help you determine whether the guards are the right size, shape and style. However, that should not stop you from searching online and there are the possibilities of asking for measurements to make sure that the baby fire guards fit your fireplace.

Shopping online can help you save money and it is possible to buy cheaper items secondhand. However, this is a safety item and you need to make sure that the baby fire guards are still high in quality. The last thing you want is to find that there is a hole somewhere in the fire guard that your baby is able to crawl through.

The Material of the Guard

Baby Fire Guards traditionally come in metal but there is a worry about whether the metal will heat up. However, this depends on how close the guards are placed to the fire. You will need to ensure that the size is big enough to avoid this problem. The metal is usually grate-style, which means that the heat from the fire can still reach the rest of the home instead of covering it up completely. There are other materials and styles available so shop around to find something that suits your needs.

Baby fire guards are essential if you have an open fireplace, whether you have a gas fire or use the old-style wood burners. Take some time to shop around with the conditions in mind as there are many different styles and shapes available. This will help you find the perfect option for your home and your needs.