Bath Thermometer

The importance of having a Bath Thermometers in the early stages of having you new born baby cannot be over emphasised, it is very difficult to get to know just how hot the baby's bath water is, and having a baby bath thermometer devices will eliminate any guess work on your part making sure that the water is at just the right temperature for your baby. This will ensure that you are relaxed and your baby is safe in order for both of you to have some fun whilst you bathe your baby.


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Bath Thermometer


Baby Bath Thermometer: the baby’s bath water should be warm, normally at body temperature which is 36c to 36.8c or 96.8f to 98.2f. But for new parents it can be quite daunting trying to determine if the water temperature is just right. Get a baby thermometer to help remove that uncertainty and build your confidence. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a wonderful range of shapes and colours.

The Safety 1st Floating Duck Bath Thermometer is a great and fun way to make sure you never have the water too hot. The Floating Duck Bath Thermometer from Safety 1st floats on the surface of the water and comes with a heat sensitive strip thermometer which is under the water's surface. As the water heats up, the Floating Duck's Bath Thermometer's colour band on the strip will change from green in the safe temperatures to red when its too hot.

One of the simplest of thermometers to have is a Digital Bath Thermometer they are easy to read and are very accurate indeed and will give a readout fast.

Having a bath thermometer has just got to be better than using your elbow to gauge the temperature of your baby's bath water. Make sure the bath water is comfortably warm but not hot before putting your baby in. Water that’s warmed to about 37 degrees C is just right

TIP !! 

Never fill the bath more than waist-high (in a sitting position) for older babies and children. Never put your baby into a bath when the water is still running. The depth could quickly rise too high.