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Here at The World Of Babies we have put together a fantastic range of Baby Sunglasses for you to view in the comfort of your own home. We feel that within our collection you will find a pair of Sunglasses Baby will be trendy, happy and comfortable in. It is importance of protect your babies eyes even at this early stage in their life and it is our job as parents to teach them how to look after their eyes properly, after all they only have one pair and they have to last a very along time.

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Protecting Children From The Sun This Summer


Many experts believe that around 80% of UV radiation occurs during childhood and early adolescence; with a particular responsibility on parents to ensure their children are properly protected from the sun on holiday, so what eyewear can young children wear to help protect their eyes from future problems arising from too much sun exposure?

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Much is made of the latest trends in terms of adult sunglasses style and how they can protect them when driving or exposed to high levels of sunlight, but its arguably just as important to ensure your child is correctly kitted out before setting off to a tropical climate this summer.
Many parents cake their kids in sun cream as a default option when protecting children from the sun’s harmful rays, but their eyes are often neglected. A child’s skin is known to be delicate during their early years, but the eyes are just as vulnerable to the sun also, with even one day of extended sun exposure potentially leading to a burned cornea, while cataracts can result later in life from days spent basking in the sun as a kid.

There is no need to miss out on great summer memories by hiding indoors though, with protective eyewear such as sunglasses which provide 100% UV protection being the ultimate go to fact when choosing a child’s summer shades. Children’s sunglasses tend to lack the designer quality found at the perhaps more lucrative end of the adult sunglasses market, with darkened plastic or glass lenses sometimes being used which don’t contain any UV filtering and can do as much harm as good during sun exposure.

Find a Style Your Child Wants to Wear

The key to choosing a child’s sunglasses, as with standard glasses frames is to let them pick their own choice or colour and design, as long as the lenses fit in with sufficient UV filters and sun protective elements. It’s logical that a child is unlikely to wear sunglasses hand-picked from ‘uncool’ parents, so to avoid any arguments on a summer break, look to find frames which contain depictions of favoured cartoon characters or brighter colours which may be more naturally appealing to the younger generation.

Another important factor of introducing sunglasses into a child’s life early on is that it is a time of life that they will look to pick up habits from parents, so it’s important you are seen wearing them often also, to give off the vibe that they are not just a fashion accessory to be worn occasionally during outbreaks of warm weather, providing an important starting point to overall sun protection to ensure a child’s lifelong protection from everyone’s favourite star during the summer months.