Baby Movement Monitor

For new parents, a Baby Movement Monitor is an essential gadget for your baby's nursery. Since newborns are highly sensitive and prone to sickness, a good monitor will help you track your child's every movement in order to make you feel more secure. A Movement Baby Monitor is a device which tracks movement of your baby or child whilst they sleep. This was developed to try to prevent tragedies such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or otherwise known as crib death. The moment the child stops moving or breathing, the baby monitor will sound off an alarm for the parent's to take action on

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Baby Movement Monitor


Movement And Sound Baby Monitor

There are two types of movement monitor available on the market. The first is the device which you place under the mattress where the baby is sleeping. These types of monitor are often bulkier but have extra settings which are advantageous to parents.

One of the most popular baby movement monitors is the Angelcare Ac401 Baby Movement Sensor Pad And Sound Monitor.

An under the mattress baby monitor is often built with settings configuration in order for the parent to choose the type of movement sensitivity they want and it comes with several transceivers shaped a bit like walkie talkies. On the other hand, the second type is called a clip-on movement monitor and as the name implies, you clip in on your babies clothes or specifically, the nappy.

Both have its benefits and disadvantages, while a clip on is small and handy, it doesn't have configuration settings which the under the mattress types has. While the under the mattress types are easily programmable, the set-up is bulky and can often be uncomfortable. However, both have sensor designs which are highly effective and can offer the best kind of protection for your infant. Both types are often made from high quality materials for better prevention of unfortunate scenarios. If you are planning to get your infant a movement monitor, remember to get a brand which you trust will give you the best performance.

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