Audio Baby Monitor

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Audio Baby Monitor

Having a Digital Audio Baby Monitor is a less expensive way of monitoring your sleeping child than having a full blown digital Video system.

These units start at £20 or less, but don't let that cheap price tag put you off as they are excellent are of excellent quality. As a parent its impossible not to worry about your child morning noon and night, having a Sound Baby Monitor helps you to monitor your baby whilst they are asleep. These units are digital and provide very clear and secure transmission which will enable you to listen to every sound and movement you baby makes whilst asleep.

Most of our units are rechargeable and so you are able to carry the listening device around with you during the day or night, they will also let you know when the unit is getting close to its range, some will also let you know when you have lost connection.

We feel that these units are extremely cost effective way of keeping an eye or ear on what your baby is doing, day or night, they are easily moveable and so can be taken on holiday or when visiting friends or relatives