Baby Harness And Reins

Here at The World Of Babies we pride ourselves on being able to bring to you only the best baby safety product available and have put together this full selection of Child Harness And Reins for you to choose from in the comfort of your own home. All of the harness and reins that we are able to show you are from top trusted high street and online retailers.


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Baby Harness And Reins

We feel that Baby Harness And Reins are an important part of your child safety equipment, in particular in this day and age when we are constantly busy and distracted with other things going on around us all of the time, having a Harness and Reins set to hand when you are out and about with your little one will make your life much easier by helping you to control your child, it also helps because you will know exactly where they are. Having the harness on your child will ensure that they do not get up to any mischief.

Within our fantastic collection you will also find Reins For Toddlers and A Harness For Toddlers range. 


The Jane 2 in 1 First Steps Child Harness has Straps, and is there to accompany the child from his or her very first steps. It is safe for the baby and very comfortable for the parents and the child as it is very easy to hold. The harness has a zip on the lower part so that it adapts to the child’s size as he or she grows. It has 2 stages of use: the 1st stage is the first steps reins. This is for when the child is just starting to take his first steps and the parents can use the harness in this position to help the child stay upright and stop him from toppling forwards or backwards and help him not to fall down. This is ideal as it helps to prevent the parents from straining their lower back. The 2nd stage is the safety harness. This is for when the child can already walk and the parents want to stop him from wandering off. This is when the product should be used in position 2 as this allows the child to walk safely but helps the adult makes sure he can’t get lost.