Baby Gates

Baby Stair Gates or Baby Safety Gates are not compulsory but they are a great safety item to have for any households with a toddlers or small children. One of the most common places where these gates are installed to increase the safety of the children is on the stairs. Where you decide to put the baby stair gate will depend whether the child is upstairs or downstairs. There is no point putting the stair gate at the top if the baby is downstairs as the baby can still climb to the top of the stairs and fall. In my opinion when you have a very small toddler it would be safest to have a gate at the bottom and the top of the stairs or have one that is easily moved so that you can put it where it is needed at the time. 

Baby Gates For Stairs are manufactured in such a way so as to fit across a door opening, normally the kitchen, and across the stairways. These are the two prime zones where children usually meet with accidents while playing. These baby safety gates require handrails or a wall. This helps in easier installation of the gates. These gates are not only made to fit across stairways they can also be installed in windows so that it reduces the risk of the child from falling out of the window. They are mounted on the window frames and this makes them fit permanently with the window but you can also buy window locks whick are a great way of securing your childs windows.



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Baby Gates


For parents, keeping toddlers or small children always under their control is not possible. It has often been found that these small children often go near fireplaces and become prone to accidents. This can be averted by the use of the safety gates or babies. The gates are either inclined or curved around the hearth so that the child is protected from heat, flames, fire or sharp corners. This helps in protecting the child when you are not beside the baby to protect him. This gate can also be installed in the entrance of the kitchen so as to restrict the entry of the child in the kitchen and prevent him from touching any item that may pose danger. 

Baby safety gates can also be installed in the entrance of the bathroom. It has been found that toddlers and small children often slip on the slippery surface of the bathroom and become injured. This may cause much discomfort to the child. The gate can be installed there so as to prevent the entry of the child and also facilitate the safety.

Small children often may tear or damage important documents. Therefore it is better to have a gate installed in the place where you keep your important documents so as to protect the documents from the reach of the child. Restricting the access to the documents is a good way of dealing with this problem.

Baby safety gates can also be installed in the nursery. This will be helpful in restricting the movement of the child to the nursery. This is immensely useful in situations when you have a visitor at your home and you want to keep the baby out of the way.

Baby safety gates are available in different designs to suit the needs of the individuals. They may be made from hardware or may be pressure mounted and this aids parents in choosing the gates of their choice.
Thus, baby safety gates are a must for those homes which have toddlers or small children. They help in protecting the children from unwanted injuries and increase the safety of the child.