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Here is something unusual that The World Of Babies have found Belly Cast kits and Baby Cast Kits.

The Belly Cast is a plaster of paris cast made of the pregnant mums belly. We can think of nothing better to make a cast of than an expectant mums beautiful pregnant belly. We feel that the cast will capture forever the transformation of the women as she goes through pregnancy and in 3D, which is way better than photo's as they are only two dimensional, with this you can see and touch it, it will encapsulate how you the pregnant mum looked. Most casts are made about 4 to 6 weeks before the birth of the baby, and is a great way for dad to get involved by making the cast enabling you all to bond together with each other and the baby. You can of course go and have a belly cast done professional we feel that it much better, much more fun, and much cheaper to DIY your belly cast. We have heard of a great idea, when the cast has been made some people throw parties to have people come over and decorate the belly cast, and even some people have parties to make the belly cast.

Making the belly cast is easy it takes about 45 minutes or so, and is fun and easy to do, and what's more there are no messy things to mix together either, and everything is included in the box. Just open the box and have fun together, who knows your work of art may make it to the local art gallery! We feel that this Pregnant Belly Cast kit is an ideal baby shower gift, its unusual and once done will be a great talking piece.

Once you have had the baby you can also make casting of their little hands and feet with our Baby Casting Kits. Just as much fun as the belly casting and again we feel it will create an unforgettable keepsake of your babies early years. You can also get these done professionally but we feel that it takes the fun out of having them done, why pay to have someone do them when you can easily do it in the comfort of your own home

We hope you find these Casting Kit produsts as much fun and enjoyable as we had done