Shoo Shoo Baby Shoes

Shoo Shoo Baby Shoes are a perfect first shoe for you baby. They are made from a beautiful soft leather that not only look great but they provide your babies feet with exactly what they need at this stage of their development. Here at The World Of Babies we have a great range of Shoo Shoo baby shoes for you to brows through in the comfort of your own home. You will find a whole range of designs and colours so we are sure that you will find the perfect shoes for you baby.

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Shoo Shoo Baby Shoes


Shoo Shoo Baby Shoes have been designed with help of leading paediatricians and the sports science institute totally with the comfort and safety of your babies feet in mind. Shoo Shoo Baby Shoes are made of the softest natural leathers, they are Non Constricting which allows your babies feet to grow naturally and also because they are made of Natural breathable leather they allow your little ones feet to breath. This will helping to give your child's feet the healthiest start in life possible. 

Shoo Shoo Baby Shoes also have a Non-slip Sole which will help your baby to feel more secure while taking their first few steps. They are also gently elasticated at the ankle for a snug fit and help to stop your babies shoes from falling off. There are also no laces or tie-ups, this helps to stop your baby from tripping over them and also saves you the hassle of keep tying the laces up.

A very handy part of the shoo shoo baby shoe is that you can also wash most of them in cold water, this is always handy when it comes to baby things but please make sure that you check label before washing. 

Shoe size guide

Size Chart: Small = 0-6 months, Medium = 6-12 months, Large = 12-18 months