First Walking Shoes

Its an emotional moment when you first see your child walking unaided, its time also to make sure that there feet are protected by purchasing a Pair of First Walking Shoes or Baby First Shoes as they are also known. These shoes have been specifically designed for the toddlers first un aided steps and are idea for protecting their feet both outside and around the home. It is important to ensure that your child wears the right footwear at all times as damage can be done to their little feet at an early age, damage which can last a lifetime.

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First Walking Shoes

As soon as your baby starts to Toddle around the house, you may want to think about getting them their very first pair of First Walking Shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for babies that are just starting to walk about on their own.
When any baby starts to walk it is yet another major mile stone in their development and one that we all take great pride in. In a baby's life it is probably one of the most captured images and something a parents always remembers with a warmth in their heart. 
It is very important to get the correct first walking shoes right from the start and we have tried to bring you a selection of Shoes Baby will be happy in whilst their are taking their first steps. It is very difficult for a toddler to communicate to you that their shoes are too tight or that their feet are hurting so it is very important that you check the size carefully. We have a variety of Baby Shoes For Sale and hope you find the right pair for you little one.
It's an emotional moment seeing your child in their first pair of walking shoes, but make sure they combine style, quality and fit. Never compromise on fit, because a toddler's nerve endings are not developed yet so they may not notice a painful constriction and may not be able to complain even if they do.

What to look for

This is why it is so important to choose the rights shoes, the shoes in the first walking shoes range have some of the features below.
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Narrow heal and wide toe area
  • Built in growing area
  • Non slip soles
  • Hook and loop style fastenings