Muslin Squares

Muslin Squares are squares of 100% cotton muslin cloths, which are invaluable as multi – purpose cloths with a wide range of uses. For mothers with new born babies, the muslins square comes in handy for a huge range of things as any parent will tell you and they just have to be on the top of your list of new born baby essentials, as the have no substitutes.Their multitude of uses is endless and when they become dirty they can easily and conveniently be washed and reused which makes them economical affordable to use.

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Muslin Squares



Baby Muslin Squares can be used for many tasks like swaddling a baby if you have a large enough one, throw one over your shoulder and use it as a burping cloth, a changing mat, a clean place to lay your baby when you are in someone else's house, a modesty cover while breast feeding , a comforter or even an emergency nappy or wipe. The list is endless as they are excellent to use due to their soft texture and their thickness which makes them super absorbant.


Muslin Squares For Babies are widely available in multi packs. They come in packs of as many as 10s and also dozens as you really will find yourself using them all of the time. There are a range of Coloured Muslin Squares, although Cream, white and mint seems to be the more popular colours. They come is squares and the Dimensions are 70 x 70 cm; they are machine washable at 60 degrees centigrade with no bleach needed, they can be tumble dried and ironed using a medium temperature.



They are said to be really good in what they are supposed to do, they are super soft, they are capable of absorbing so much because they are thick, they have nice and attractive colours and they are simply indispensable. With the above attributes they are good value for money as they can be used for anything and everything. For those of you who have small babies or are planning to be mothers soon, I would highly recommend the muslin squares as a must have on your shopping list for essentials.