Breastfeeding Pillow

Breastfeeding Pillows have become incredibly popular with new mothers, searching for comfort when breast feeding. The concept behind this pillow is incredibly straightforward and extremely easy to use. The pillow will ensure that both you and your baby are comfortable and supported during breastfeeding.

The Breast Feeding Support Pillow is a U shaped pillow that fits snugly around your waist, supporting your baby as you breastfeed and ensuring that your baby is in the ideal position. When you have your baby at the correct height, you will find that it places far less strain on your back. Your shoulders will be relaxed, and you will find the whole breast feeding experience to be far more pleasant.

There are several different makes of breast feeding pillow available; therefore, you need to consider your budget. Research is essential to ensure that you choose the best pillow for your needs, and duration of your nursing period. Some designs of the pillow have a removable cover, which is ideal to ensure that it can be washed easily.


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Breastfeeding Pillow


You and your baby will be using the pillow several times a day; therefore, it is likely to get dirty quickly. However, if you can remove the breast feeding pillow cover and wash, you will be happier knowing that it is clean. Some pillows will also have additional storage and features, which are ideal for other essential items.
Breast feeding is an intimate time for you and your baby; therefore, you want to ensure that you have everything to hand before you begin. This can ensure that you do not have to be disturbed once you settle down to feed your baby. The pillow should be soft for your baby to rest upon, however, not too soft that they sink.
You will also need to consider where you prefer to breastfeed your baby as some chairs and rockers cannot accommodate the breast feeding pillow comfortably. However, if you like to sit on your bed, or on the couch, this pillow is ideal. You can ensure that the whole experience of breast feeding is rewarding and creates the perfect bond between you and your child.
Selecting the right breast feeding pillow will also provide the ideal place for your baby to be placed when not feeding. They shape of the pillow is perfect to support your baby, whilst they sit up on their own. You will find that your baby has an emotional attachment to the pillow, and many children continue to use the pillow as they get older.
The support that is offered from the Breast Feeding Pillow is fantastic, and will ensure that your hands are free to read or cuddle your baby. You will feel emotionally supported and be able to bond far better with your baby. Taking the time to choose the ideal pillow for both you and your baby will ensure that feeding is a pleasure. You can also use the pillow for fathers that want to bottle feed their babies, and not miss out on the bond which is created.