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Bottle Steriliser


Here at The World Of Babies we have got together a top quality Bottle steriliser range for you and your baby.

Within our Baby Bottle Steriliser collection you will find The Electric Steam Steriliser POD, this Sterilises in 6 minutes and Fits up to 6 bottles. It has an Easy load tray where it's contents remain sterile for 6 hours as long as the lid is left unopened and it Includes a teat brush, pair of tongs, lockable lid which ensures safety and optimum sterilisation. The Non-slip pod feet add extra safety and will give your bottle steriliser a secure grip on most surfaces. It also has a Simple on/off switch for ease of use. 

The cold water Travel Steam Steriliser is ideal for safe and effective sterilisation when on holiday or when traveling. It is safe to use abroad with foreign water and each bag lasts 24 hours. It sterilises teats, bottles and feeding utensils and it suspend from any safe, convenient point.

The Microwave Steam Steriliser range are also very easy and convienient to use.