Kids Wetsuits

Choosing a Kids Wetsuit is something that must be done carefully. Your holiday will be more fun if you see your child happily playing on the beach wearing a comfortable wetsuit. Wetsuits are useful to restrain the entry of water onto the body thus helping to keep the child's body warm while playing in the pool or in the sea. There are several things that you need to consider when choosing a wetsuits such as the thickness, type, quality, size, and price.



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Kids Wetsuits


How to choose a Kids Wetsuit or a Baby Wetsuit

The thickness

Choosing the right thickness of wetsuits will keep your child warm in the water. Each child has a different resistance. Generally, choose the thickness of the wetsuit depends on the water temperature.

2 mm: water temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
3 mm: water temperatures between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
5 mm: water temperatures between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

A baby can get cold very quickly even in your local heated swimming pool, so Baby Wetsuits have been designed to help keep your baby warm while they're having fun slashing around.

You'll find Girls and Boys full wetsuit come with two numbers as a measure, for example, 4/3. That means this wetsuit has a thickness of 4 mm on the body and 3 mm on arms and legs. The body section is usually thicker to keep the child warm, while the arms and legs sections are made of thinner material so that children can move more freely.

The quality

Wetsuits For Kids may just be used in one or two seasons. However, the quality of the wetsuit should still be considered because it is important that your child is comfortable wearing it. You can tell a good quality wetsuits by the stitching, and the fabric is smooth. A good-quality wetsuit has very strong stitching and the stitching cannot easily separated. 

The size

When choosing a wetsuit it is very important to get the correct size as to tight and it will be uncomfortable and physically restricting and If it is too loose, then the water will enter the wetsuit to easily and will not keep the child warm.

Here at The World Of Babies we have put together this collection of kids wetsuit to help you find the perfect wetsuit to suit your child needs and to suit your budget.