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Childrens Wardrobes

So, where oh where are you going to put all of those baby clothes. Our Nursery Wardrobe range is specifically designed with kids in mind. They will be able to store all of the clothes that you buy for then all in one place neat and tidy, well thats untill they hit the teens.

It has been reported in the papers recently that by the time your child is two years of age, the chances are that it will have accumulated a clothing range of some 154 items of clothing, for a lucky few 40% will be designer clothes.

Total value of the clothing will be in excess of £1500 not to mention shoes worth over £190 according to the research.


It is thought that most parents purchase about 65 items of clothing for their little ones every year, and that is over one item per week. Most of the parents when surveyed said that over 60% of the clothing had not even been worn yet.


Choosing the best Kids Wardrobe for you will depend on what it is that you are looking for. There are many designs out there currently. You may want to choose a wardrobe to match what you have in your nursery or kids bedroom already or you may want to choose a theme wardrobe for your child such as Disney or one of your little one favourite TV characters. We have a range of White Childrens Wardrobe Furniture available from top UK Retailers.


Why buy a Childrens Wardrobe online from The World Of Babies

Well, quite often there are bargains to be found online - with no overhead costs of a shop to run and floor staff to pay, there are many to be found online. You can shop online in your pyjamas, you won't need an umbrella, and your girls bed/boys bed will be delivered straight to your door. A much easier option, especially if you're shopping for a Cheap Kids Wardrobe which is heavy in nature. A lot of companies will deliver within the week and many will deliver free of charge but please check this information before you buy as we deal with many companies and they all have their own delivery arrangements.

So go on what have you got to loose if you are in the market for Kids Wardrobes or nursery furniture then give us a go, and we will almost certainly save you money in the process